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HOUSE OF BARD'S - June 16-20

Expertly curated excerpts from Shakespeare’s works, examining some of his greatest political moves, motives and actions, are combined with original scripting in this new production designed to reveal that our political climate and what we choose as entertainment are not specific to the modern era. This collaborative effort, based on a concept by Bren Rapp, with original scripting by Jeff Swearingen and Shakespearean text compiled by scholar Lance Lusk and dramaturg Kyle Eric Bradford, seamlessly blends old and new finding the thread of what has captivated audiences for centuries in the nature of man and his quest for power.  Directed by Andy Baldwin.
 In HOUSE OF BARD’S, a group of friends set out to binge watch the hottest new show streaming on Netflix, House of Bard’s. As they struggle to find the time to catch on to this new social phenomenon (think the Making of a Murderer frenzy) and battle a bevy of “first world problems” the audience not only follows their story but gets to watch the highlights of this new political thriller of a series. House of Bard’s, the series, tells the tale of a couple’s rise to power with its own plot lines, twist and turns including healthy doses of political intrigue, schemes, scandals and questionable acts. Imagineered by Jeff Swearingen, there is one catch. All of the dialogue is that of William Shakespeare’s works. Pulling from King Lear, Richard II, Richard III, Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, Othello, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Titus Andronicus and more, Season 1 of House Bard’s is the “play within our play”. Through its original characters and plot development, the audience views the arc of politics: the rise to, reign in and decline of power. The ever so Shakespearean concept of the play within a play, presented in the context of the new medium of streaming episodics, yet comprised of words written hundreds of years ago, is designed to lead the audience to realize that as long as there have been lands to conquer and people to rule, there has been politics and shortly thereafter, politics as entertainment.  (Slight homage to the Netflix Original Series House of Cards and to the original Shakespearean works make this a must see for fans of both as well as easily accessible to those with no knowledge of either).



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Catch Fun House at The Festival of Independent Theatres this July 9th- 29th.  12 year old Alex Duva anchors a cast of some of our best and brightest as Rush Limbaugh in a uproariously irreverent comedy about the world’s most famous politically conservative mouthpiece and his fictional, disastrous brush with liberalism during the pinnacle of his fame in the late 1990’s. More information and ticket sales link coming in June.




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House of Bard's


Collaboratively created by Bren Rapp, Jeff Swearingen, Lance Lusk, and Kyle Eric Bradford


Charlie Varon's Rush Limbaugh in Night School


At the Festival of Independent Theatres



Jeff Swearingen’s

Old McDonald’s Farm- A Children’s Fable about The Obama Presidency

8.17-8.25  * part of our repertory run


Wendy Weiner’s 

Hillary- A Modern Greek Tragedy with a ( Somewhat) Happy Ending

8.17-8.25 * part of our repertory run



John Larson’s Adaptation of  
The Manchurian Candidate




Jeff Swearingen’s 

Ultimate Holiday Experience




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Actor's Exploration Series

The Actor’s Exploration Series is aimed at challenging our young actors while pushing the boundaries of what audiences expect to see from “children’s theater”. Going beyond the traditional models of youth productions, our Actor’s Exploration Series centers on giving young actors the opportunity to explore complex material and for audiences to be exposed to playwrights, dramatic formats and subject matter not thought of as children’s fare. It is an unparalleled educational opportunity for the next generation of actors and an entertainment option for the theatrically savvy as well as those just being introduced to the art of theatre.


Next up in the series, Sam Shepherd's True West