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What happens when those trendy, hip, rebellious characters from the genre’ of coming of age musicals make it out of their early twenties and microcosms of generational life? They become real adults, with boring jobs, responsibilities, bills and taxes just like the rest of us saps. This musical is about life, when it stops being a musical adventure and starts getting real. Everyday life real. 28 young actors, ranging in age from 8-16, send up some of the most popular new generation musicals in the tradition of last September’s runaway Fun House hit, The Sound of Fannie. Mortgage, created and produced by the same team and directed by Andy Baldwin promises all of the hilarity and of course showstoppers of its predecessor.

Some of the most famous rebels, idols and trendsetters of coming of age musicals have grown up and find themselves part of the new in crowd; in line, in debt, indentured and incredulous to what their lives have become. A rock laden score of musical send ups, choreographed parodies of Tharp, Fosse and more, and a story only Swearingen could weave creates a satire of modern life that moves to the beat of those beaten by monotony, mediocrity and amortization





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Mortgage, A New Original Musical

October 3 - 12, 2014



Best New Play of 2014: "Stiff" - DFW Critic's Forum

2013 Mastermind Award - 
The Dallas Observer

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The Dallas Observer

Best Play of 2013 - DFW Critic's Forum

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Special Citation 2013 - DFW Critics's Forum

Steve Lovett Outstanding New Work by a Local Playwright- Column Awards 2014

Best Children's Theatre 2012 -
The Dallas Observer


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Actor's Exploration Series

The Actor’s Exploration Series is aimed at challenging our young actors while pushing the boundaries of what audiences expect to see from “children’s theater”. Going beyond the traditional models of youth productions, our Actor’s Exploration Series centers on giving young actors the opportunity to explore complex material and for audiences to be exposed to playwrights, dramatic formats and subject matter not thought of as children’s fare. It is an unparalleled educational opportunity for the next generation of actors and an entertainment option for the theatrically savvy as well as those just being introduced to the art of theatre.


Next up in the series, Neil Labute’s The Shape of Things directed by Brad Baker.